About Us

Orna Walker
Orna Walker

EHI Real Estate Services Ltd (EHI) is an Antigua and Barbudan real estate company founded in 2010.

Founder Orna Walker is the driving force behind EHI. She is an entrepreneur with more than twenty years of experience in Antigua. Her interest in real estate began as a hobby, researching properties to help provide advice for family and friends.  Doing what she loves best, grew into a passion which solidified into a deep-rooted commitment to real estate and its potential to help people achieve life goals. That passion and commitment has evolved into the professionalism which the creation and operation of EHI exemplifies.

OUR FOCUS – Residential Real Estate
EHI focuses on residential real estate:- rentals and the sale of properties and vacant lots.   The legal interest in our properties can be provided by titles in fee simple absolute (freehold title), short-term rentals or medium to long-term leases. Whether you are looking for a first home site, a home for a growing family, a holiday or retirement retreat  in Antigua a tropical paradise here in the Caribbean.   EHI has something for you.

EHI Real Estate researches and verifies potential listings by actively engaging in background checks and title searches.  When it is established there are “No Clouds” the listing is then accepted and posted. EHI is cognisant that errors are costly to rectify, so due diligence and professional ethics are ensured in every transaction.

Specific needs which may not be met by properties shown in our portfolio can be met by properties sourced through our network of local agents.

Mission Statement
To make buying and selling of Real Estate faster, more client friendly as cost efficient as possible; by exploring new ideas and technology that would provide precise up-to-date information, skilled analysis and sound real estate advice thereby maintaining the highest level of service.